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Jackie & Jesse

Since they met through mutual friends over 5 years ago, Bangarang DJs Jackie G and Jesse Johns have always bonded over their love of music. They each started DJing and developing their own sounds while playing parties for their collective, and many other gigs throughout Philadelphia and the Northeast. In 2015, when they were booked to play as a b2b team at Philadelphia’s infamous house music event, The Shakedown, they realized that they were onto something special. Not only did they have fun playing music together and worked seamlessly as a team, but their collaboration had an effect on the dance floor as well. Throughout many late-night b2b sessions, festivals and events, in Philadelphia and other surrounding cities, their sound and energy has begun to garner attention.

With their humble natures as individuals, combined masculine and feminine energies, and a shared passion for house music, they are a formidable force when playing together. As fun to watch as they are to hear, Jackie & Jesse play to the crowd and aim to create a vibe around the environment.