This is definitely not fake news!

Photo of Echo Camp Leader Michael

Echo Exposed

New evidence from our inside sources suggests that the art collective known as the ECHO collective has been for months training dolphins and narwhals to kill.  These weaponized terror dolphins have been manipulated with fish and sexual favors by the group’s leader Michael and Katie, seen here engaging in sexual acts with dolphins as a part of their elaborate reward system. 

An elaborate plan to train these beautiful creatures to be weaponized against their enemies through an inhumane series of dolphin vs. narwhal underwater cage matches was uncovered in a 6-month investigation conducted by the People For The Ethical Treatment of Dolphins. Our sources found evidence that a wealthy oil baron named Duke Chesterton Von Fancy Stach, Esq. Reports indicate he has been using his vast oil money to train marine wildlife into sex-crazed killing machines.  Soon the sea will be filled with nymphomanic arthropods.
Are we going to allow this kind of vile dolphin molesters to be a part of our community? 
I think not! 



Photo of Echo Camp Leader Katie



Photo of Dave
Prominent Camp Member



Actual Photos from INSIDE their training camps

dolphin 2_edited
narwhal 2
dolphin 1
narwhal 1
dolphin 3
dolphin 4
dolphin 5

If you or someone you know has been a victim of dolphin rape there is help.  Click below for supporting organizations.