Dalvanna's love of music started back in the early 90s when he and his older brother would jam to dancehall reggae and hip hop as kids in Brooklyn. While his brother appreciated the lyrical side he found himself more intrigued by the beats or "riddims" that were released to various artists to provide their own lyrical perspectives. As he got older his intrigue with melodies expanded into other genres, including classical music. However, it was when he came to Philadelphia that he discovered the sound that he was looking for and he immediately fell in love with the potentiality of electronic music which he felt the inevitable need to be a part of. As he adjusted to Philadelphia's nightlife he has played at many local events and venues from Saint Lazarus Bar and Kung-fu Necktie in Fishtown, Sera Phi in West Philly, and WKDU radio Philadelphia. After joining the ranks of Bangarang's beat corp he has played at our monthly event at the Liaison Room, and most recently our debut at Warehouse on Watts.   


Dalvanna fashions himself as an open format DJ but mostly loves to get funky with some deep house and tech house, where you can catch him dancing with the crowd between songs. While the name Dalvanna carries deep meaning to him he prefers to be called Johnny, feel free to greet!