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Brian Blozen


Oh Jeeze what can we say about Brian Blozen.....yikes well hailing from dirty jersey you'd be surprised how good he smells the kind of guy to tell you exactly how he feels and not give a single fuck he ran out long before joining Bangarang and let’s be honest you ain’t gonna do shit but enough about him this is about the beast inside Brian stopped running from him long ago might have something to do with breaking his leg but who’s to say.. ..having little control of that side of him when he gets off his leash watch out cause the warpath turns to a highway fast dabbling mostly in gangster rap there are no bounds to the words that come out his mouth they will leave you in a puddle of your own mind and he will not apologize fair warning nothing fair about it anyways like it reads on the cover the album will release on none of your damn business genius. Keep an eyes out for BigMad it’s not his job to do it for you.